Monday, February 7, 2011

Midday in St. Thomas

Writing this entry from the Starboard Promenade deck; I seem to be getting a better Wi-Fi signal from the SubBaseDryDock server I’m “borrowing” today :-).
Sue’s on our balcony taking a nap but I’m not all that tired.  She had a tough time getting to sleep last night (she misses her TemperPedic bed) so she took a sleeping pill and has been getting over her “hangover” all day.  We’re thinking of going to the Sanctuary today – it’s an Adults Only area at the Head (at the Head, not in the Head).  It’s Adults Only in the sense that no children are allowed – not the way a Gentleman’s Club is – it’s sort of like an Arizona spa with comfy loungers, and quiet music.  Here’s a picture of us taken after lunch today.
Princess has a new feature which receives cell phone transmissions via satellite and rebroadcasts them throughout the ship while we’re at sea.  This means that our cell phones work all the time – I got email last night and my phone beeped each time one came in.  Will need to remember to shut it off tonight.

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