Thursday, February 10, 2011

Here’s the story

So my computer has an encrypted hard drive, and it requires a log-in after it goes to sleep which it did last night before I could get the daily blog posted.  I had closed the lid – but not all the way – with a pen on the keyboard, so as the ship rocked in the surf, the lid vibrated and the pen on the keyboard probably tried “logging me in” the limit of five times – with random letters.  After five attempts to log in, the computer locks down and requires an administrator key to unlock.  This required several emails back and forth to my IT administrator who did a wonderful job of getting me back up and running.
So here’s the video blog from yesterday.  We were in Antigua West Indies and after breakfast, we sailed out to some of the most beautiful turquoise water for snorkeling, then after 45 minutes, headed to a very private beach.  I probably tried to fit too much fun in, and went rock climbing in bare feet, slipped, and now look like I was in motorcycle accident.  But I’m sure the cuts will heal.  LOL.  The lady in the separate picture her is a Brit named Maggie who does water-colors in every port we visit.

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