Monday, February 14, 2011

Chicago at night

As I write this entry, I see from the webcam that Caribbean Princess is currently back in port at St. Thomas -- as the song goes, "The Love Boat, soon will be making another run", and so she has while we traveled home to Chicago.    From the Captain's log, I see that we traveled 1,405 miles at an average speed of about 13.5 knots.  We left San Juan in shorts, but changed into long pants and light sweaters for the flight home.  While I was on my ship's tour on Saturday, I was given several gifts including a Caribbean Princess chef's coat and one of those heavy bathrobes they normally try to sell you for $95 -- Sue used them both at various times on the trip home to stay warm.  It was very cold here in Chicago while we were gone, which makes the cruise that much more enjoyable, and it promises to be a bit warmer here this week -- low 40sF (~5C).  I'll attempt to collect some of my thoughts over the next few days and jot them down while I work on the final cruise page for the website which will include our cruise movie (current working title "Emotional Replenishment").  It will be located on our cruise page HERE.

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