Saturday, February 12, 2011

A full day at sea

Today is our long day at sea, so we found things to do on-board all day.  Went up to the pool area on the stern around 8:30 where we enjoyed the Caribbean sun for another day.  Around 10 AM the ship got buzzed by a private jet; it came at the ship from the stern and flew by the port side at around 250 knots, I’m guessing, at about the height of the top deck and about 500 feet off the side.  Wish I had my camera ready then!!  The videographer finished the video of our excursion yesterday ,so we got to see ourselves on TV today.
After a proper British Pub lunch of Bangers and Mash (Jac) and Fish and Chips (Sue), Sue went back up to the Sun Deck to “Kindle” and relax and Jac went on The Ultimate Ship Tour:  he got to see several areas of the ship which are normally off-limits to passengers.  Since the tour was limited to just 10 guests, it was very personal.  We even got gifts including a personal Princess Cruise chef’s jacket and personalized notepads.  Jac got pictures taken with, among others, the Chief Engineer and the Ship’s Captain.  For security reasons we were not allowed to bring cameras, but Jac got some great memories.
Tomorrow we disembark (boohoo) but it’s not the end of our vacation:  we’re going back to the El Yunque National Park for the day – the only tropical rain forest in the National Park Service system.  I’ll try to get a post up tomorrow afternoon before we board our plane.
Just a note about the video the past couple of days – as you can imagine, the Internet connection at sea is slow, so I’ve made compressed videos.  Once we get back to civilization and I make the HD video, I’ll post it our website ( and place a link here.

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