Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Birthday to me

Today is my birthday -- not important which one, but it's North of 50.  Five years ago today I was enjoying the sun and warmth in Aruba, and thinking back to that makes me warm again.  But right now, I'm in St. Louis and they're expecting several inches of snow tonight.  Back in Chicago, we'd just take it in stride, but these St. Louis folks don't have the infrastructure (snowplows) to handle it.  I'm sure tomorrow will be fun :-(  NOT!  The picture in this Blog entry is the beach that Sue and I visited in Aruba five years ago; doesn't it look inviting?  We took a catamaran out to the sunken WWII ship off the Northwest coast, did some snorkeling, then went to this beach for lunch and sun.  Just two more weeks and we'll be back in the Caribbean warmth -- I really can't wait.  Can you tell?

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