Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Movie coming along

I've been working on the movie from our cruise when I get time and it's coming along;  it's at 9 minutes and we're just sailing out of San Juan, so I'll probably need to make some strategic edits prior to publishing.  Still need to get the actual cruise in with beaches, parties, catamarans and such.  This cruise was our time to reconnect and since we listened to Sinatra music on our balcony, I'm including some in the movie -- wonder if YouTube will let me post it without paying licensing fees? Sue mailed me a card this week, and ended it by saying that we need to start thinking about where we'll go next -- that gives me something to hope for.

I figure the movie should be done in another week or so, and then I'll get back to one I started, focusing specifically on Caribbean Princess.  Maybe Princess Cruises will like that one?

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