Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cruise movie is done -- finally!

I've finally completed the movie of our February cruise and have posted it here.  If you're running Internet Explorer, the page will open with a Media Player plug-in so you can watch on-screen, but if you're running any other browser, you'll need to download the movie from one of the links I've included and watch off line.  This is not my intention, but I can't figure out the code to make it run in anything else yet (I'm going to head across the street to my friendly web-guru Steve for help).  For right now, open the page in IE if you can.  The movie is 45 minutes long but I've tried to make it interesting enough so that it's not (too much) like watching someone's home movies of their vacation.  I also included links so you can download and view the movie in smaller bites if you prefer.  So make some popcorn and have a look.  Would love to hear comments -- but only good ones!

Added: It should work in IE, FF, and Chrome now if you have a current ActiveX plug-in.

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